New Confessions: New Beginnings

My senior year of high school I was elected to be on the prom queen ballot with all of my best friends.  The only problem was, I was afraid of being a plus size queen.  High School was a time in my life filled with dances, laughter, girls-night sleepovers, and looking back I had no real worries.  Except of course, my constant thought of whether or not I was going to win prom queen, what college I would attend that upcoming fall, and my plus size figure.  Maybe I was the typical teenaged girl that stressed over the remedial things in life, but can you blame a 17 year old?  As it turns out I didn’t win the prom queen nomination, but I did have an amazing prom experience.  As my senior year came to an end, I had the thought in my mind that if I couldn’t be prom queen, then I would one day become a pageant queen.  With graduation in sight, planning for college and the other million things I had going on, being a plus sized pageant queen became a long lost dream.  The pageant passed, and I spent the summer attending graduation parties and living the last few months with my friends to the fullest.

The memories of high school were over, and I would soon be entering the next chapter of my life.  I was the new and improved Kat (my short hair cut was the improvement).  However, while new beginnings were budding in my life, I still felt like my plus size status was holding me back.  Five years have past since my high school prom days.  Even after spending my college days as a sorority girl, and leaving with the thought that the world was my oyster, I still felt the stinging pang of my not so little body.  It is time for me to make a drastic change in my life through exercise, clean eating and good wholesome gossip…about my life.

These confessions will act as the documented stories of my trials, tribulations, and accomplishments as I seek out to change my plus size status and compete in a pageant by next year.  Get ready for a year of paleo recipes, pageant girl drama and endless possibilities.


2 thoughts on “New Confessions: New Beginnings

  1. Laura W says:

    I am so proud of my KKG big sis! You were always going to conquer the world and accomplish your goals, and I’m so excited that you’re working hard to make a dream come true – you inspire me!!!

  2. melbasel says:

    Yay! I’m so happy I found your blog, now I can keep up on your life! Things are definitely not the same at Denison without you, I missed you so much during fall semester, band was UNBEARABLE without your sass!
    So happy for you and this journey you’re taking on 🙂 I can’t wait to see all of the yummy things you cook up, and I’ll probably borrow some (all) of your recipes, as I’m also going paleo!

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