120 Percent

Recently I attended a summit at Beloit College, and the overarching theme I walked away with is learning to always give 120 percent.  What does it mean to give 120 percent, even in the hardest of times?  Often when we struggle with conflict, or grapple with differences, it seems to be the most difficult to give your all and continually bring 120 percent to the table.  But in times of struggle and conflict, it is imperative that we all continually put our best foot forward and give 120 percent.  Even though it is often easiest to walk away from the situation, we must learn to give 120 percent and continue working towards a better cause.  We must learn to give 120 percent in our jobs, to our friends and family, and above all to ourselves.

Magnificent I have found that the first thing that I stop giving 120 percent to, when I am struggling, is myself.  Last week, I stopped giving 120 percent to myself, and could tell that the person who it was affecting the most was me.  When you don’t give 120 percent to yourself, it becomes next to impossible to do it in all other aspects of life.  Self care, and appreciation of yourself is most important.  As leaders, citizens, and friends, in order to lead a life of purpose and be consciously in the moment, it is critical that we remember that as individuals we are not perfect, and must take care of ourselves first.  It may feel selfish, but you cannot lose yourself, or forget that you above all are the most important, and your well-being matters.  You cannot give 120 percent to other aspects of your life, if you do not realize that you must give it to yourself first.  Personally, for me, I give myself 120 percent by eating a well balanced diet, journalling, and going to Zumba!  When I neglect to do these things that help me to stay centered and positive, it makes everything else in my life operate well below what I want.

This week, I have found my motivation to continuing putting my best foot forward and give 120 percent.  And I encourage you to make every day a magnificent day, and put in your 120 percent, because the benefits you will reap when you take care of yourself are endless.