Bye bye Morning Blues

Mornings can be rough.  It’s 6:00am and your alarm clock blares telling you its time to wake up and smell the roses!  You know it would be best to get up and get your day started, but instead you hit that snooze button just for a few more blissful moments in your warm and cozy bed.  Finally, after three too many hits of the snooze, you realize that you have 10 minutes to get out the door to be on time to work.  You skip breakfast, didn’t have enough time for your morning coffee, can’t find matching socks, and will have to opt to scrounge something from the vending machine at work.  You barely had enough time to get dressed and brush your teeth.

My ideal morning consists of me doing a morning meditation, followed by breakfast and coffee while scrolling through my Instagram feed, and then getting dressed and out the door.  While I typically am a chipper birdie in the morning and usually wake up before my alarm, I have noticed that I still am rushing to get everything I want done before I leave to start my day.  So I have turned a new leaf these past few weeks, and started planning ahead the night before.

Whether you like to hit the snooze button until the last possible minute, or are like me and wake with the rising sun, these four tips will help you to say bye bye to the morning blues:

  1. Pick out what you are going to wear the night before.  This saves so much time, and prevents me from ripping apart my closet to find the perfect outfit the following morning.  Not only does it make my morning so much easier, it also helps me to keep my closet and room more organized!
  2. Pack your lunch!  I love cooking, and would much rather eat the food I make then buy something that is much less healthy for me.  Let me tell you, of all the things I now do the night before, this is by far the best change I have personally made.
  3. COFFEE: Caffein is the key to my heart, and when I don’t drink coffee in the morning my day is totally thrown off.  I like my coffee to be very strong, and my favorite way to make coffee is using my pour over coffee brewer.  It makes the richest flavor of coffee, but does take longer to make.  Instead of waiting till the morning, I now prepare my coffee at night and fill my teapot with water.  Unless its the weekend I always use a to-go coffee cup (and so should you!), and right now I am loving my new Valentines Day Starbucks cup! 
  4. Sunday Meal Prep:  I find that if I designate one day in the week to cooking, it makes the rest of my week (and particularly my mornings) so much easier.  I cut veggies, freeze fresh fruit for my morning smoothies, and cook protein.  This week I took it one step further and divided all of my lunches into containers, that way I am always prepared for a great day of clean eating.

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